DAY 6: Meet and Support Fearless Women Activists from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala


Meet Women Crossing the Line to protect their communities!


Meet women like Alma Gomez, a former guerrilla fighter now working to seek justice for victims of femicide in northern Mexico; Daysi Flores who took to the streets in defense of democracy after the 2009 coup in Honduras; and Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum of Guatemala, who works to defend the rights of indigenous communities who are still treated like second-class citizens in Guatemala.

These women are on the frontlines of facing a crisis of violence in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.

The ongoing so-called “war against drugs” in Mexico has lead to widespread abuses, including disappearances and alarming levels of sexual violence against women. Since the coup d’etat in 2009, the homicide rate in Honduras has skyrocketed and women’s rights have suffered a huge setback. In Guatemala, women defending their lands from greedy mining companies are facing arbitrary detention, displacement, and rape.

This is the world premiere of Women Crossing the Line: Defensoras in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala—a new series of short documentaries from Campaign members Nobel Women’s Initiative and JASS. In Defensoras in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala we meet women activists from the region who have stood bravely to demand an end to violence and greater rights.

This first chapter of Women Crossing the Line opens a window into the journey of these women to become defensoras—and the hope they have for the future of their countries.



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