#16Days Blog Round Up

For this year's 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, the Campaign partnered with The Huffington Post to share a blog series on supporting survivors of sexual violence and building a safer world for them to speak out. Learn more about some of the tireless activists and survivors working around the world to end sexual violence in conflict: 

READ More Powerful Than ISIS 

By Yifat Suskind, Executive Director of MADRE

"The most uplifting stories I hear are often about things that never happened. This is what I keep reminding myself as I join others seeking to end rape as a weapon of war. This is what drives the work of the courageous women facing down ISIS every day."

READ Youth Are Key to Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict

By Joel Davis, Youth Ambassador for the United States on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Co-founding Executive Director of Youth to End Sexual Violence

"Young people are the most vulnerable and underrepresented victims of war-zone rape. They continuously face the threat of sexual violence and experience the unimaginable consequences of war. Yet our voices are routinely excluded from peace processes and post-war reconstruction. We, who are making crucial contributions to peace and represent those most affected by this scourge, are fighting to be heard. To realize peace, governments must work to support an inclusive solution that empowers young people to fulfill their potential as agents of change."

READ South African Prison Rape Survivors Speak Out for the First Time

By Emily Nagisa Keehn, Policy Development & Advocacy Advisor at Sonke Gender Justice & Sasha Gear, Leader of Just Detention International - South Africa

"Three exceptionally brave men have come forward to share their stories about surviving rape in South Africa's prisons. They want to bring it out of the shadows, and are demanding action. Vincent, Francois and Thabo are the first South African survivors of prisoner rape to tell their stories in this way."

READ Malawian Women Fight for Better HIV/AIDS Drugs

By Maggie H. Mapondera, Programs & Communications Associate at Just Associates (South Africa)

'"This is my body, it belongs to me and I have to take care of it," says Dorica. These words and her powerful activism represent one of the most radical steps a woman can take, which is realizing that the personal is political. They also underscore the essential role grassroots women organizers play in building safer, healthier communities.'


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