#SurvivorsUnited Media Highlights


The #SurvivorsUnited delegation is making headlines in Colombia! From visiting displaced women and survivors of sexual violence at City of Women, to meeting with President Juan Manuel Santos and the Ministry of National Defence—major newspapers, radio, and T.V. outlets across the country have followed along with the delegation.

The Campaign—led by Nobel Laureates Jody Williams and Shirin Ebadi, and including Survivors United for Action members Jineth Bedoya Lima and Hania Moheeb—is traveling to Colombia to meet with women survivors of sexual violence and Campaign members advocating tirelessly for survivor-centred support and justice.

Check out some of the media highlights below! 

*Please note, the media highlights are in Spanish only. 

VIDEO: "Los combatientes usan nuestros cuerpos como armas de guerra", Noticias RCN, 2 February 2015.

"Tema de la violencia sexual será planteado a las Farc en las negociaciones de paz de La Habana: Santos", Radio Santa Fe, 3 February 2015. 

"'Fui violada dos veces por culpa de los paras'", El Tiempo, 4 February 2015. 

"Premios Nobel llegaron al "corazón de las mujeres", El Universal, 4 February 2015. 

"En diálogo con nobeles, víctimas hablan de paz y reparación", El Tiempo, 4 February 2015. 

"Ganadoras del Nobel piden más mujeres en las negociaciones de paz de Colombia", Que Pasa Mi Gente, 5 February 2015. 

"MinDefensa y dos premio Nobel de Paz dialogarán sobre violencia de género", RCN Radio, 5 February 2015. 



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