Burma's progress and remaining challenges

Following last months’ historic women’s forum organized by Campaign Advisory Member, Women’s League of Burma, the Burmese government has launched the National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women. The forum included prominent policy makers and influencers and ended with calls for amendments to the constitution to offer women greater legal protections as well as to ensure gender equality.

The comprehensive 10 year plan includes measures for a broad range of issues, including education, human rights, health, and engaging women in the political process. One key measure is to ensure that Police, the Judiciary and Healthcare Providers are equipped to respond and prevent violence against women, as well as to make services widely accessible to survivors and vulnerable populations.

Despite these measures of progress, there continues to be widespread gender violence reported within the country. The army has become synonymous with human rights abuses and is known for its culture of physical and sexual violence towards women, especially ethnic minorities.  Further, Burma was one of the few countries who refused to sign the Declaration to Prevent Sexual Violence in Conflict last month at the UN General Assembly, where 115 countries announced measures to take action to end wartime gender violence.

Campaign members are calling on more determined action by the international community for women in Burma. The European Union released a statement saying they are “reflecting at the moment on how best to acknowledge the progress made while recognising the challenges that remain”.

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