Charges Filed In India Gang Rape Case

Five men have been charged with rape, kidnap and murder in the gang rape of a woman in Delhi, India on December 16, 2012. The woman died of her injuries in a hospital in Singapore two weeks after the attack. This case has drawn new attention to the issue of rape and gender violence in India. It has sparked protests in India and media coverage around the world.

The number of reported cases of rape and gender violence in India is extremely high and, due to stigma and victim blaming, many more cases have gone unreported. Amnesty International estimates that a rape occurs in the country every 21 minutes. Protests have spread around the country. The majority of the protesters are men, prompting questions about the risk of gender violence women face even at these protests.

While some protesters are calling for the death penalty for the perpetrators, others are calling for legal and cultural change. The government of India has announced that steps will be taken to make the streets of Delhi safer for women including a police hotline for reporting gender violence. The National Human Rights Commission in the country has decided to review the laws surrounding violence against women during a conference to be held January 8.

Outside of India, this case has been a catalyst for a wider discussion about ending rape and gender violence around the world.


Inspired by the attention this case is receiving worldwide, the Women Under Siege Project is asking “What can we do to end rape in 2013?”

Contribute to the discussion on their website, or on Twitter using #2013EndRape!


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