DAY 12: Support Women Struggling to End Sexual Violence in Sudan

Demand justice for rape survivors in Tabit, Darfur

Sudanese women activists are demanding justice, following reports that 200 women were raped in Tabit, Darfur. They are calling on global leaders to pressure the Sudanese government to take action and end impunity for sexual violence crimes.

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"We, the Sudanese women in the Diaspora, write to express our grave concern over the mass rape of more than 200 women and young girls in Tabit village, North Darfur that occurred on October 31, 2014. We are deeply troubled by the fact that the overwhelming majority of the victims were elementary schoolgirls, some as young as eleven years old.  This horrendous act was committed by Sudanese soldiers from a nearby military garrison and has been confirmed by their force commander, who visited Tabit the following day and acknowledged the rape of the women and girls, along with the beatings and humiliation of the men. Despite this public admission, the government of Sudan has obstructed investigations and completely denies that the rape and beatings even occurred."



Sudan bans observers from scene of alleged mass rape

"Stopping Mass Rape in Darfur and Chad" 

Maha Babeker is appointed Youth Ambassador for Sudan on Sexual Violence in Conflict


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