Dear John

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, Tweeted, and emailed John Baird - your voice was heard! On Wednesday, June 20 the Canadian government unanimously adopted a motion calling for Canada to take leadership within the international community to Stop Rape in Conflict.

We are excited to let you know that only two months since the Campaign launch, thanks to you—the Campaign supporters—we are gaining allies within the political sphere! What a great beginning! Don't forget to join the Campaign and we will contact you for our next action!

Campaign Advisory Committee member, the Nobel Women's Initiative is holding a meeting with Canadian parliamentarians in efforts to make Canada a leader to Stop Rape in Conflict. Canada has taken the lead on human rights issues in the past, challenging fellow states to ban landmines in what would become known as the Ottawa Treaty. This is once again time to take up the challenge and make Canada a leader!

The following petition will be presented to Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird.

Dear John,

Thousands of women, men, and children will be raped in conflicts around the world today.

Canada can take a leadership role in preventing gender violence, protecting civilians and survivors, and ensuring comprehensive justice is served.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs, you can support a motion to make Canada a leader on this critical issue—joining with networks of solidarity for survivors everywhere. Canada can be the example for effective action among our fellow actors in the international community.

Dear John, we will support you in our efforts to make Canada a leader on this important international security issue. As part of a coordinated effort for change, we will continue to insist that conflict-related rape and gender violence is placed on the agenda of our Member of Parliament, is covered by local and national media coverage, and we will help educate our peers on why Canada needs to take up this role.

Take the Pledge John, and support the motion to Stop Rape in Conflict.

*International citizens are encouraged to sign in a show of support.


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