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Connect to Campaign and members around the world by sharing your personal #IPLEDGE of the action your organization or what you as an individual commit to undertake within your community in support of the Campaign! If you can, take a photo of your #IPLEDGE and share it with us! Make sure to tell your local government official that you have Taken the Pledge.

ON TWITTER: Use the hashtag #IPLEDGE to connect with members and encourage others to join the Campaign. Tweet your MP! Make sure to include @stoprapecmpgn in your Tweet!

#IPLEDGE to demand leaders prevent rape in conflict, protect civilians, prosecute perpetrators. Join @stoprapecmpgn

ON FACEBOOK: Post the pledge, and photo of your pledge, to the StopRape in Conflict wall:
On the Campaign Facebook page choose "Upload photo or video," find your file, add #IPLEDGE & your country in the text, and share!

#IPLEDGE to demand bold political leadership to prevent rape in conflict, to protect civilians and rape survivors, and call for justice for all - including effective prosecution of those responsible. Take the Pledge and join the International Campaign that unites us to Stop Rape in Conflict!

-    Make sure you have a Flickr account
-    Find the Stop Rape in Conflict IPLEDGE "Group" and join!
-    You first need to add the photos to your account and then the Campaign group – click “Upload” and add your files to your account
-    Make sure to label your photos #IPLEDGE and your country
-    Add the tag “IPLEDGE” and upload the photo to your photostream
-    Add photos to the Stop Rape in Conflict #IPLEDGE Group – by selecting “Your groups” from the dropdown menu and selecting the photos you wish to add

Click here to be inspired by what others are pledging to do!

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