Nobel Peace Laureates Call for Swift Action to Rescue Abducted Nigerian Girls

Today, eight Nobel Peace Prize laureates issued a statement calling on the Nigerian government and the international community to bolster rescue efforts for over 270 schoolgirls abducted from a secondary school in Nigeria's Borno state.

Anti-western militant group, Boko Haram, is widely suspected to have carried out the abduction and claims many of the girls are being forced into slavery and marriage.

The laureates are adding their voices to calls from the missing girls' parents and Nigerian activists, calling on their government to take full responsibility for the safe return of the girls, and on the global community to fully support rescue efforts. They are also calling on Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan and his government to respect freedom of expression and the rights of Nigerians to share their concern for the missing girls through public protest. 





Nigerian Women Call for an End to Gender Violence 

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