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Campaigners in Action at the United Nations


On September 24, 2021 we were present to witness bold political leadership as 128 United Nations member states signed the Declaration to Prevent Sexual Violence in Conflict, a moment which reaffirmed that ending gender violence is an international priority.

The Declaration to Prevent Sexual Violence is an initiative spearheaded by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. The Declaration calls for the prevention of sexual violence in conflict situations, protection of civilians and survivors, the prosecution of perpetrators and the inclusion of women into the peace building and conflict resolution process.

As an important follow up action, on October 18th, the UN Security Council passed a new resolution calling for women to be integrated into peacebuilding efforts. Measures include improved access to information on the impact of conflict on women and including women in peace talks. The resolution also reaffirmed the need for humanitarian aid to include full medical services for survivors of rape.

Congratulations to all women's rights activists whose work inspired action and made the Declaration and resolution possible! We look forward to continuing our work with political leaders who have pledged action to support women and survivors in conflict zones around the world.

Photo: International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda makes her pledge in support of the Campaign.


Country in Focus: BURMA

A number of states have opted not to sign the UN declaration, including Campaign focus country Burma. While Burma’s government has failed to take action to support ending rape in war, civil society is mobilizing to bring greater legal protections for women to the public agenda.

On September 19th, over 400 policy makers and activists came together to call for greater gender equality within the constitution and discuss the inclusion of women into the peace process. This work was led by the Women's League of Burma, a Campaign Advisory member.

In response, the Burmese government has launched the National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women. The 10-year plan includes measures for a number of priority areas inlcuding responding to violence against women.


In the News:


Liberia's former President, Charles Taylor, appeared before a UN backed special court in September. He was there to appeal his conviction of numerous war crimes - including rape - during Sierra Leone’s civil war. The judge upheld Taylor's conviction and 50-year prison sentence.

United States

Secretary of State John Kerry announced a $10 million initiative, Safe From The Start, to fund innovative international programs for the protection of women and girls from gender-based violence in conflict. The fund will include hiring of specialized staff, and help establish a framework for action and accountability to ensure crimes of sexual violence are prioritized during humanitarian emergencies.

African Union

The African Union has called on the International Criminal Court to defer prosecution for war crimes of sitting Heads of State until they leave office. The African Union publicly called on the ICC to stop targeting African nations and delay cases of sitting leaders, including presidents of Sudan and Kenya. An earlier proposal for a united regional withdrawl from the international court failed.


Members in Action

AU's attack on ICC ignores suffering of women

Read the latest article from Campaign Advisory Committee member Sonke Gender Justice on how the public call by the African Union to defer prosecution of political leaders is an attack on justice for women: "Their attitude fuels the notion that Africa is a conflict-ridden mess in which presidents are warlords hell-bent on remaining in power to protect themselves from prosecution."


Looking Ahead

Elections in Honduras: One of the most violent countries in the world prepares for elections on November 24. The Campaign will be monitoring the impact on women and human rights defenders.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence: Meet some of your fellow activists working to end sexual violence in conflict during 16 Days of Activism between Nov. 25 and Dec. 10. Join us online!

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