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Take action to support the people of Bukavu in eastern Congo! 

The people of Bukavu are facing greater threats to their safety after last week’s attack on renowned surgeon Dr. Denis Mukwege.  He is the Director of Panzi Hospital, which has treated over 40,000 survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. On October 25, armed men shot at Dr. Mukwege at his home.  Dr. Mukwege survived, but his long-time guard Joseph Bizimana died in the attack.

Now we join others around the world in supporting the brave people of Bukavu. Today they carried out a silent protest, a “ville morte”—literally, a “dead city”.  People stayed home from work and school to protest the high levels of insecurity in their city.  At the same time they called for a full and complete investigation into the attempted murder of Dr. Mukwege and the murder of Joseph Bizimana. Join their call for an end to the impunity for daily crimes. Learn more below.

Text "Arrêtez les coupables de l'agression contre le docteur Mukwege" to the Police Commissioner and/or the Governor of South Kivu province of DRC, Marcelin Chishambo, on your mobile phone or through Skype.

English translation: Arrest the perpetrators of the attack on Dr. Mukwege.


To use your mobile phone:

Follow your country's international dialing procedure (For users in North America, it would be 011 + number). Visit for international dialing instructions for your country.

Send an SMS or text message to +243 992 039 590 (Police Commissioner) or +243 998 180 180 (Governor Chishambo).

Standard international text message rates will apply for users outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To use Skype:

1. If you do not already have Skype installed on your computer, download it here.

2. Bring up the dial pad (2 on Mac, click on 'Call Phones' on Windows).


3. Click on the blue S to bring up the list of country codes, choose Congo (Kinshasa).

4. Enter phone number: 0992039590 (Police Commissioner) or 0998180180 (Governor Chishambo).

5. Click SMS.

6. Enter "Arrêtez les coupables de l'agresion contre le docteur Mukwege" into the beige box.


7. Press the Enter/Return key to send.

You must have Skype Credit available.



The International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict joins activists in DRC in urgently calling on the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to immediately and fully investigate the attempted murder of Doctor Denis Mukwege and the murder of his long-time guard.

Dr. Mukwege is a world renowned surgeon and director of Panzi Hospital in Eastern Congo’s South Kivu province. The clinic has treated over 30,000 survivors of sexual violence. He is an outspoken activist who has called for an end to the violence and for ‘urgent action to arrest those responsible for these crimes against humanity and to bring them to justice.'

Campaign member Physicians for Human Rights, reported that four armed men entered Dr. Mukwege’s home in his absence and held several family members at gunpoint. Upon his arrival, they forced him out of his car, shooting and killing a security guard who tried to intervene. Dr. Mukwege ducked when the armed men fired shots towards him, before driving off in his car, which was found abandoned soon after.

For more information about the Dr. Mukwege's work at the Panzi hospital, read his interview with Campaign Advisory Committee Member Organization the Women Under Siege Project: From the ground zero of rape in conflict: An interview with Dr. Denis Mukwege.

For more about what Dr. Mukwege's work means to women in the DRC, read an article written by World Pulse citizen journalist Neema: FROM CONGO: We Want Our Hero Back, NOW!

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