"State of Emergency" in Beni, DRC

Campaign Advisory Committee member SOFEPADI and other Congolese civil society groups are urging the Congolese government to declare a state of emergency in Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Recent attacks, which may have been carried out by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) Ugandan rebel group, have killed about 120 people and displaced some 10,000 households.

Congolese civil society groups are calling for the United Nations, African Union and European Union to support efforts to end conflict in the region. They're also calling for increased resources for sexual violence and kidnapping survivors in the region. We echo their calls and urge world leaders to include civil society—particularly, local women’s groups such as SOFEPADI—in all diplomatic negotiations and peace building efforts in Beni and elsewhere in DRC.

Congolese women are the first to respond to sexual violence survivors’ needs and work tirelessly to implement innovative and community-based strategies to prevent violence and rebuild their communities. Their voices are essential to sustained peace in the region and must be heard. 



Watch the video from our delegation to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to learn about the essential work of Congolese women activists ending sexual violence in conflict.


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