Survivors United for Action

Survivors United for Action is the first-ever global movement of sexual violence survivors focused on ending rape & gender violence in conflict. The International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict launched the network at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in June, 2014.


Survivors' voices are the missing link in international efforts to end sexual violence in conflict. 


Survivors United for Action connects survivors' voices to global leaders, bridging the gap between grassroots activism and national and international policymaking. Its diverse steering committee features women leaders from conflicts across the globe, who have turned their experiences into powerful grassroots activism to end sexual violence in their own communities.

Survivors United for Action is a unique forum for survivors who self-identify as activists to: 

  • Provide leadership at the global level by communicating the needs of survivors to policymakers
  • Connect with other activist-survivors to share effective strategies and tactics for supporting survivors and promoting justice
  • Hold local, regional, and international meetings with key policy makers to bring survivors' concerns to the table





MEET Survivors United for Action


LEARN about the 2015 #SurvivorsUnited Delegation to Colombia!

For more on Survivors United for Action, contact [email protected]


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