This Mother's Day: Pledge Support for the Campaign to Stop Rape in Conflict

Since our launch on May 6, we have been inundated with support. Our members - organizations and individuals around the world - now total 2,000 and membership is growing by the minute. Thank you for connecting with us and sharing your #IPLEDGE for action to stop rape in conflict.

Moving forward, we face a challenging goal. Women and girls continue to be the main targets of rape in conflict and progress on action will often be slow within our Campaign pillars - prevent, protect, prosecute.

But as we prepare for Mother's Day - held in many countries around the world this Sunday, May 13 bringing our Week of Action to a close - we reflect on the energetic pledges that have been made internationally to stop rape in conflict. We know that our coordinated effort will benefit the lives of many mothers around the world.

This Mother's Day, join us in pledging support for the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict. Mothers continually provide water, food, and shelter for their families despite conditions of conflict and many times will carry the burden of assault in silence.

Your pledge is important in breaking this silence and ensuring we protect the mothers in our lives.

Join now by pledging support at our website. Make sure your mother joins too! Together, we will build the Campaign to Stop Rape in Conflict.

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