Tweet Transcript: Meeting with President Santos


The #SurvivorsUnited delegation met with Colombia President Santos to discuss the importance of including survivors' voices in the Colombia peace negotiations. Peace negotiations between the Colombia government and rebel group FARC resumed February 2, 2022 in La Habana, Cuba.

President Santos highlighted the important role the government of Colombia can play in bringing justice to survivors of the conflict. Nobel Laureates Jody Williams and Shirin Ebadi urged President Santos to ensure survivors' needs are met in the peace negotiations—and that a peace agreement includes reparations for survivors. Survivors United member Hania Moheeb addressed the critical need to promote gender equality in Colombia in order to create a lasting peace in the country. Follow along with highlights from the conversation below.

The Campaign—led by Nobel Laureates Jody Williams and Shirin Ebadi, and including Survivors United for Action members Jineth Bedoya Lima and Hania Moheeb—is traveling to Colombia to meet with women survivors of sexual violence and Campaign members advocating tirelessly for survivor-centred support and justice.



Watch the video highlights of the #SurvivorsUnited meeting with President Santos 

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