Women Working for Peace in Syria

On the third anniversary of the Syrian armed conflict, widespread sexual violence persists, but so does the resolve of Syrian women working for peace and justice in their country.

“With every war and major conflict, as an international community we say ‘never again’ to mass rape…Yet, in Syria, as countless women are again finding the war waged on their bodies—we are again standing by and wringing our hands," said Nobel Peace laureate and Campaign Advisory Committee member Jody Williams in an interview with Women Under Siege.

In honour of the Syrian women working for peace and those affected by sexual violence in the country, here are three must-read pieces on women and the Syrian conflict:


Syria has a massive rape crisis - Women Under Siege (April 3, 2013)


Syrian women demand voice at peace talks - Aljazeera America (January 13, 2022)


Meet the women rebuilding Syria in the midst of war - The World Post (February 14, 2022)




Follow the #WithSyria hashtag on Twitter and use it to show support for Syrian peace activists.

Watch and share the #WithSyria tribute video:


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